Configuring Your Windows XP PC
    Click the Start button and choose Control Panel.

    In Control Panel under Pick a category, select Network and Internet Connections.

    In Network and Internet Connections under Pick a task..., select Set up or change your Internet connection.

    The Internet Properties window opens.  Select the Connections tab.  Click the Setup... button at the top where it reads: To set up an Internet Connection, click Setup.

    The New Connection Wizard opens.  Click Next to continue.

    In the Network Connection Type window, select the Connect to the Internet option, then click Next.

    In the Getting Ready window, select the Set up my connection manually option, then click Next.

    In the Internet Connection window, select the Connect using a dial-up modem option, then click Next.

    In the Connection Name window at the ISP Name dialog box, type Pasty.NET, then click Next.

    In the Phone Number to Dial window at the Phone number dialog box, type in the dial-In phone number that is local to your area, then click Next.

    In the Internet Account Information window at the User name dialog box, enter your Pasty.NET Login ID
    Enter your password only if you want it saved.  If others have access to your computer, leave the Password and Confirm password blank, then click Next

    The New Internet Connection wizard is completed.  If you want a Shortcut to be created on the desktop for this connection, check the Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop option, then click Finish

    To connect to the Internet in the future, just double click the Pasty.NET icon on your desktop.

    A Connect to Pasty.NET window opens.  If you did not enter your password before, type in your password and click Dial.

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