Events Page

The Happiness Boys (Don Devine and myself) have rescheduled our Downtown Library performance for Sunday May 15 at 2:00.  Free to all.  Nice venue.  Let's have a big crowd!
My band, the Ethnic Connection, is playing for folk dancing, Saturday May 7, starting at 8:00 pm, ending at 11:00.  Suggested donation of $10;  and 5$ for students.  If you want to come just to listen, not dance, put whatever you feel like in the bowl.  We usually start with easier dances.  I will also be selling our new CD, which you could look at and listen to sound clips;  Click or Google Ethnic Connection CD.
Here is the only other Happiness Boys' show left this season. If they should ask you at the entrance, just tell them you were invited to the Happiness Boys' show.  (I doubt anyone will ask.)
Wed May 4, 7:00 pm, at Glacier Hills, 1200 Earhart Rd., at the Independent Living side facing Earhart, downstairs one story from entrance, in the social hall.
Most of our shows are in retirement & nursing homes.  We've done more than 250 in the last 13 years.  We sing American popular songs up to the 1950's.  We encourage people to sing along.
This year's show has some interesting things, including:  a 26-song Irving Berlin medley (!);  a 25 song Billy Murray medley (Who's he?! Come and find out.);  the original British version of "Bless 'em All";  the story behind the Star of the Euphrates;  "Forever and Ever" and "Cruising Down the River" sung in counterpoint;  why the glory of love is better than the love of glory;  and the dueling hundred+ year old famous waltzes.
Hope we see you there!